Article Comparison

When I began looking for articles to compare for this blog, I wanted to take a different approach to the comparisons. I wanted to find articles that I could compare but aren’t polarizing. I truly believe that the media can fix itself and our nation can fix this polarizing climate we are in. I decided to look at an event that was meant to bring us together as a country… the passing of George H. W. Bush. I was looking at articles on CNN and Fox News and they both spoke incredibly highly George H.W. Bush. I was worried that the CNN article would have said things that were criticizing his work as president, but both were very respectful. Both the articles discuss the enormous legacy that Bush held and the respect he demanded.

The CNN article discusses how the Clinton’s and Obama’s both went to the funeral to pay their respects. The only article I found that said something negative about an event at the funeral was from Fox News. It stated that Hilary Clinton was avoiding talking to Trump at the funeral. This is an unfortunate article because it seems based on biases and incorrect sources.

It is common for Presidents to cause major amounts of conflict among the population, but these articles show that the country is able to move past differences and show their respects for a deceased president. Both these articles used language such as respect, legacy, and honorable. It was encouraging to see this type of language used.


Work Cited

Pappas, Alex. “George H.W. Bush Honored by Son, Dignitaries in Emotional Funeral Tribute: ‘A Great and Noble Man’.” Fox News, FOX News Network, Dec. 2018


Wagner, Meg. “The Nation Honors George H.W. Bush: Live Updates.” CNN, Cable News Network, 3 Dec. 2018

Article Comparison

One thought on “Article Comparison

  1. andrewpuhl says:

    I agree with your point that the media in this country is capable of fixing itself. They have the tools and resources to do it as exemplified by the coming together over President Bush’s death. However, what if the only way the media comes together now is through national tragedies? Does that signify a problem within the media or is that the only logical way the media can truly avoid the conflict framing? When positive things happen to people in positions of power now days it results in two sides arguing if it was actually positive or if it was legally earned. How can the media find ways to come together in times that are not centered around tragedy or loss?


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