Article Comparison

The recent high school shooting in Parkland, Florida is being covered by many news sources in America right now. I am comparing two articles written by CBS and The Sun Sentinel, a South Florida based newspaper.

            The local paper’s article begins with the aftermath, focusing on the surviving students who journeyed to Tallahassee by bus to advocate for more strict gun control laws and student walkouts of high schools across South Florida. The article recounts the events of the shooting while providing details about community effects in wake of the shooting such as donations for the victims, candlelight vigils, President Trump’s address of the issue, as well as the Florida State Government rejecting a law that would ban sale of AR-15s in Florida.

CBS begins their article by identifying the shooter and the number of victims, while hailing it the “deadliest school shooting in the past five years.” The article offers information from the shooter himself gained in an interview with police, about the methods that he employed and the weapons used during the shooting.

The CBS article also detailed recent info about the trial of Nikolas Cruz and provided a timeline of events of the shooting and his arrest, citing that the police have interviewed over 2,000 people and are sifting through the information for more details. President Trump’s address was also cited, as well as images of tweets, that detailed his plans to visit the school victims and work to achieve safer schools for the children of America.

The CBS article is focused on the details of the shooting and the trials and offers a detailed account of the events that took place, while examining the government response to the shooting and discussing past shootings in relation to this one. The Sun Sentinel is from the same area the shooting took place and focuses on the victims and the reaction from the local community. The sense of community is represented in this article more than in the CBS coverage. The activism of the students and peaceful protests among other high school students in Florida were the focus of the article, being the primary point introduced and reaffirmed throughout the article. The article also discusses local police possible solutions improving safety and insuring this doesn’t happen again. The Sentinel frames the shooting in terms of a local tragedy but highlights a community that isn’t going to sit by and let nothing change, introducing its place in the larger gun control debate.

The CBS article provided the shooter’s story near the end of the article, detailing his troubled childhood and his mental health problems. Cruz was described as an orphaned loner, who has violent tendencies and expressed warning signs such as posting photos with guns on social media and being expelled from school at 17 for fighting.

Both articles bring the issue of policy regarding gun control to the viewers attention. CBS uses other school shootings to reinforce the rising trend of school shootings, naming this one the 18th this year. The Sentinel highlights the advocacy of the locals and the victims for stricter gun control laws. The Sentinel offers a more local perspective on the shootings and the community effects, while CBS offers more details on the shooter and the larger impact on the nation

Article Comparison

2 thoughts on “Article Comparison

  1. connerj101 says:

    This is a really interesting comparison! Taking an article from a local perspective and contrasting it with an article intended for a national readership allows for unique insights into the reporting of each newspaper. However, despite their differences, your analysis notes an important similarity between the two articles: President Trump’s comments on the tragedy. This shared characteristic is evidence of the presence of indexing. Regardless of their different approaches to covering the school shooting—the Sentinel’s concentration on the pursuit of stricter gun regulation and CBS’s focus on the details of the shooter—both articles appealed to the authority of governmental sources. This seems to attest to Bennett, Lawrence, and Livingston’s argument that indexing effects political reporting at all levels of media.


  2. johnjohnrod12 says:

    Great comparison article! I agree with you, both news sources did use the Florida Shooting to frame their own opinions on the severity of gun control, however, I found it rather surprising that Sentinel framed gun control as a more serious matter than CBS. First of all, I assumed since Sentinel is a local news source they would have provided a timeline of the events that led up to the shooting, not CBS. Secondly, I thought CBS would have referenced the victims and police to advocate for tougher gun control given it’s a national source. After reading your explanation on Sentinel focusing on the community rather than the facts makes sense because the viewers don’t want to dwell on a tragedy they want to see change.


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