Media Diary

John Rodriguez Media Diary 2/11/18-2/17/18

This past week I kept a log of what news sources I used to stay politically and economically informed. Overall, I consider myself to be highly informed politically and economically, but I fall short when it comes to pop culture. I rely heavily on a few news sources that are both moderate and politically/economically based. Below is a semi-detailed list of where I got my news for the week.

  • Sunday: I spent most of my time reading about stocks from Bloomberg, Kiplinger’s, Yahoo Finance, Marketwatch, and CNBC. I read articles on ETFs that were trending up and the recent stock market drop.
  • Monday: I almost spent the entire day reading about the Federal Government raising rates this March on Yahoo finance. I also read some information on the potential demand for natural gas on CNBC. Foreign Policy Class, talked about the issues with sanctions and the recent deployment troops to Afghanistan.
  • Tuesday: Read an article from CNBC on the recent demand in the Lincoln Navigator potentially increasing Ford’s stock price.
  • Wednesday: Read an article from CNN on the Stoneman Douglas High School shooting. I also read a few articles on the “Top ETF’s for the month of March” from Marketwatch. Foreign Policy Class, talked about North Korea
  • Thursday: Read a CNN article on the New South African President after President Zuma steps down
  • Friday: Did not read or watch the news anywhere. Watched some youtube videos on video games and practiced for Overwatch.
  • Saturday: Watched some Fox Business to see what commodities are trading up for this coming week. Friend talks to me about pop culture and sports
  • Sunday: I read an article about the Supreme Leader of Iran issuing an apology to Iranian people for not cracking down on justice and improving the nation’s economy

I tend to only stick to these news sources because most of them are politically centralized and talk about investing. Reflecting on this week I noticed I don’t take as much of an interest in domestic politics as I do foreign politics.I should also note that I don’t have social media or look up trending pop culture topics because I don’t consider them to be important. The only time I receive any type of information on pop culture is through my friends. Next, I noticed that I have most of my app notifications set to “important world and economic issues,” which could also be linked to my ideological biases. For the most part, when it comes to public policy I read articles that are both positive and negative. Bloomberg has a politics view section where a viewer can be exposed to both sides of the argument. I find this rather informative, but I try to stay away from it. I would rather read the “iron core news” than read/watch advocacy news. I will admit on the outside most of my news sources seem to solely be based on economics and business, however, the websites are full of both political and economic news.

Furthermore, I would have to say these sources do reflect my personal points of view. Because I consider myself to be politically centralized I regularly read CNN and Bloomberg. I try to read as much traditional news as possible, but it is increasingly getting more difficult. Another reason why I might use these sources is that I’m focused on buying and selling stocks. If I didn’t trade stocks I would only stay informed through my Political Science classes. The overarching bias I have towards all news is solely ideological. In my opinion, most news sources are either based on advocacy or entertainment. I do feel like I could do a better job finding more traditional articles, but it is very time-consuming. Finally, I could start paying attention to more social and cultural issues because those factors contribute to governmental changes.

Media Diary

One thought on “Media Diary

  1. I think its interesting how we appear to be complete opposites when it comes to where and how we are getting our information on current news topics. I myself am not nearly as interested in politics or economics as you are, and don’t seek out news articles; I mostly get my news from things I hear through friends or see scrolling through my Twitter timeline. My interests when I do research articles are often sports associated, local news, and on the few occasions business articles. I don’t spend a lot of my time looking at the politics pages of news sites. With the Bloomberg site allowing viewers to be exposed to both sides of a topic’s arguments is very beneficial allowing readers to understand all of the points and giving them the ability to generate their own beliefs on a specific topic. This feature of Bloomberg’s articles should be more prevalent in news companies across all platforms. Often news stations and their websites are being portrayed with specific biases, which in turn is pushing only specific points (or not all of them in most cases) to their audiences.

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