media bias towards donald trump and his tweets

CNN article “9 totally unpresidential things Donald Trump tweeted over Presidents Day weekend,” by Chris Cillizza falls under the category of “bias.” This article is featured on CNN’s multiplatform brand “The Point with Chris Cillizza” that analyze the day’s news. Chris Cillizza is a CNN Politics reporter and an Editor at large.  The point includes daily columbs, on-air analysis, and evening newsletter, podcast, and the launch of trivia night events in Washington, DC.

In this article, the use of confirmation bias is used, meaning it is seeking out information that confirms beliefs. In this case, it used President Donald Trump’s tweets taken from his official twitter account in order to demonstrate “that President Donald Trump is the least presidential president who has ever presidented.” (Cillizza 2018) The way in which the information is written and framed makes the article bias. The article ranks the presidents tweets from 1 to 10; the unit of measurement was unpresidentialness. 1 equaled being President Abraham Lincoln and 10 equaled Presidents Beavis and Butt-head.

This article is bias against President Donald Trump. Aside from the intense scale of measurement, the article assumes a lot about what the President is doing. “Cooped up at Mar-a-Lago – Trump didn’t play golf either Saturday or Sunday out of concern of how it might look when funerals were ongoing for the victims of the school shooting in Parkland, Florida.” (Cillizza 2018) The article also infers Donald Trump to be the complete opposite of what we consider presidential because of how the article frames his road to office. “From the campaign he ran to get to the White House to how he acted since arriving 365 days ago, Trump seems to take pride in dashing expectation of how a president should act, speak or tweet.” (Cillizza 2018) Overall, the purpose of this article is aims at suggesting that the President Donald Trump is not fit for office. The title itself, “9 totally unpresidential things Donald Trump tweeted over Presidents Day weekend” implies that he is not fit for office. The juxtaposition of “unpresidential’ and “Presidents Day” really show how there is a contrast to what they believe is considered “presidential.”

In order to see the effect of bias on the reader, a study could be conducted. The age of the participants would depend on who you are trying to see being affected by bias. Also each region/location could be affected differently, so one study would not be a good determinant of the overall population. The study would involve a group of people that can be evenly divided by people who voted for Donald Trump and people who didn’t, and then people who did not vote at all. Dividing them by their vote I think is important because you are voting for someone who you believe would be “presidential.” The group that did not vote at all would be a good variable to measure because they could potentially not have an ideological stance on the president. Then you could have them read articles, about Trump’s tweeting and the articles would be either objective, or close to objective, and the others would demonstrate bias. Afterwards they could take a small test that asks them whether or not Donald Trump said a certain “unpresidential” quote. The quotes would be made up by previous Presidents, and Donald Trump. Then the results could show if there is a bias towards Donald Trump being unpresidential.

Cillizza, Chris. 2018. “9 totally unpresidential things Donald Trump tweeted over Presidents Day weekend.” CNN Politics, February 19. Accessed February 19, 2018.

media bias towards donald trump and his tweets

2 thoughts on “media bias towards donald trump and his tweets

  1. njuarez64 says:

    This article was very interesting I found because of how one of the main differences of Donald Trump from other presidents is his twitter account. Also taking into consideration what Trump tweets does cause bias in the actual responses from the citizens reactions. Naturally, conservatives might feel that his tweets do not have an affect on the legitimacy of his presidency. The article being published on CNN makes sense due to it being a more liberal directed news outlet. Being that liberals do want Trump out of the office many aspects of his presidency are taken into examination to prove that he may be unfit. I like that you saw this and stated that they used confirmation bias to strengthen their case that Trump may be unfit for presidency.

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  2. alyssacase1023 says:

    I think this was an interesting take. One of the main differences between Trump and former presidents is his use of social media, especially sites like Twitter. It is important to see the effects this plays on perception of him. However, I do not think your proposed study takes into account all factors. For one thing, I think that people who refrained from voting are not necessarily more or less bias than those who did. I also feel that while the quiz would be a great way to see what people thought of Trump without directly asking them, it might be hard to implement. This is simply for the fact that I think Trump has a very distinctive way of typing, and that quotes from other presidents would be from things like speeches – not social media.

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