Discussions following San Bernardino

Following the devastating attack in San Bernardino the media has split in their discussion of the attacks. MSNBC has decided to use the attack as a platform for discussing the issue of gun control. They ask ‘what can the government do to make you feel safer?’ They do not discuss so much the radicalization of the people who committed this heinous act and instead discuss gun control as a possible preventative tool. Fox news on the other hand talks about the suspects and how they were extremists. They do not mention gun control and in turn zero in on those who committed the crime. They discuss the role of radical groups in Pakistan and how that influenced the wife who them spread radical beliefs to her husband. These frames are not surprising given the sources. MSNBC is a liberal outlet and gun control is a hot topic that they promote where it is one republican Fox disagrees with and therefore ignores choosing to emphasize a different problem.

Discussions following San Bernardino

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