Ted Cruz: Condom Police?

Stumbling upon two articles covering Ted Cruz’s recent contraceptive answer to a question in Iowa this week wasn’t hard, since it is something everyone was talking about.

CNN covered the story with “Ted Cruz: GOP Isn’t Condom Police.” CNN does a fair job of staying out of the issue, with minimal description from the writer – simply letting Cruz’s word’s do all the talking. The article looks more like a transcript than a reporting piece. One of the few descriptors is the actual question Cruz was responding to – “making contraception available to women who want to control their own bodies-” in which this and two other words “attacking” and “accused” give a sense of game framing but not necessarily by CNN but by Cruz. Cruz was hyper-aware that tuning the question away from birth control to: his wife and two daughters, college days, and anti-Hillary Clinton of course, would succeed in demonstrating his strong reaction against terms like the “war on women.”

The Guardian, leaning even further right, created a more encompassing article on the issue. This one seems to use a reality/reaction and policy frame; the article opens with why this is currently a hot topic issue, relating it to the recent Planned Parenthood Killings. It draws the focus on to the affect Cruz’s comments, and the republican party’s rhetoric, in the reproductive rights debate. With phrases like ” provides women with access to birth control and safe abortions as part of its range of reproductive services,” “harangue,” “jocular tone,”  and “turned accusations,” the article is clearly not in favor of Cruz or these comments, drawing on information from even 2013. We see the reaction (whether good or INSANE) from the candidate, policy of the candidate and the republican party, and why this will be an “on trend” issue for the election.

Neither is explicit in attacking Cruz for these comments, but one reading The Guardian will absolutely get a select – but more concrete – sense of who Cruz is as a candidate. CNN provides only straight quote and where they happened, The Guardian provides slight more analysis of this anti-contraceptive theme in the platform.


Ted Cruz: Condom Police?

One thought on “Ted Cruz: Condom Police?

  1. beattyj1 says:

    I think that it is especially interesting that The Guardian gives an explanation of why the issue is important. This relates to the idea of priming that we discussed in class. Is this what news is supposed to do? I think the answer is no. Explaining the importance of an issue should be reserved for when one is trying to pursuade and the news should never pursuade. The news should be cut and dry facts. It is true that any choice of a specific angle for a story automatically results in some form of priming but to actually tell the reader why they should care by assigning a level of importance to an issue is opinionated. In short, The Guardian should have simply written an editorial instead of covering an editorial with the label of news. There are publication sections for a reason.


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