President Obama’s speech on San Bernardino

I decided to analyze and contrast two articles regarding President Obama’s speech regarding the recent mass shooting in San Bernardino. One was a video snippet from Morning with Maria on Fox Business, and the other was an article from CBS News. Both articles featured the issue of gun control in relation to the mass shooting and how President Obama decided to talk about the recent tragedy. These two different media sources portray the President’s speech in ways that reinforce their own partisanships and news outlet biases.

On Morning with Maria, the entirety of the conversation was about how this mass shooting was an act of terrorism, how the President is failing to look at terrorism as a bigger issue, and that he is using gun control as a cop-out. Mercedes Schlapp, Co-founder of Cove Strategies, stated, “[The] President moves quickly into this spot of talking about gun control as opposed to saying ‘what do we need to talk about here?’ Is it about radical Islam in America? I mean, addressing these other complicated issues which are part of this formula we’re seeing that’s happening is important.” Maria and Schlapp discussed how talking about gun control is the President’s comfort zone, whereas discussing radical Islam in relation to this mass shooting is not.

Both women focused on how this mass shooting was an act of terrorism and that we and President Obama should be more focused on the rise of terrorism rather than gun control. Schlapp ended by saying, “The first thing we asked ourselves was ‘are these people Muslim?’ ‘Were they radicalized?’ ‘Who is the shooter?'” This quote honestly surprised me because she so boldly presented her bias by assuming that the shooters could be Muslim, simply because it was a mass shooting.

In juxtaposition with the Fox Business video, the CBS News article completely eliminated the shooters’ religion or possibility of terrorism from their argument. The main center of focus was how President Obama was calling for a bipartisan policy solution to eliminate or prevent mass shootings with stricter gun laws. The author framed the President’s speech in a way that made him seem distraught about the amount of mass shootings since 2009 and that he is trying to figure out a way to stop them, mainly through gun control. The author also mentions President Obama’s idea in relation to Republicans’ that instead of an issue of gun violence, it is one of mental health. Overall, I thought it was very interesting to see how the two sources different, namely because Mornings with Maria focused so heavily on terrorism, whereas the CBS one did not at all.

President Obama’s speech on San Bernardino

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