Fox On Obama’s Global Climate Pact

Fox once again displays a distinct scent of bias in their articles.

Obama seeks global climate pact in Paris, amid resistance at home has the opening line of a fact – Obama is in fact in Paris for this meeting, but follows it with the distaste felt at home by “republicans” who “worry it will cost thousands of jobs.” They call out Obama for being in Paris – the victim of a horrid terrorist attack recently – and focusing on climate issues, instead of national security (something that has actually been a focus lately).

This ideological bias is strongly evident in this piece as only the negative/oppositions are focused on, in regards to Obama’s actions. The Republicans who are against major climate policy being enacted, Republican’s who want projects like the Keystone Pipeline, and those who want to bar refugees for the sake of National Security.

The main issues focused on, are what normally would be Republican concerns: “how much rich countries should invest to help poor countries cope with climate change, how much should be invested in renewable energy, and how much traditional oil and gas producers stand to lose if countries agree to forever reduce emissions,” basically disregarding anything proponents argue are benefits.


Fun Fact: the article avoids “global warming” and uses “rise in global temperatures”

Fox On Obama’s Global Climate Pact

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