Fatal Shooting shows Fox New’s True Agenda

As of recent there has been a tragic incident at a Planned Parenthood in Colorado where Robert Lewis Dear, a 57 year old man, shot and killed 3 people and injured 9. From all accounts this a tragic event, but after looking at an article by Fox News, one can see that there is still a bias in the reporting of this horrible event, even if it is a slight one.

The news story at a glance seems very non-biased at first, it talks about the victims of the event in a respectful manner and does not dramatize the event; that is until Planned Parenthood comes up in the conversation. It is then that the conversation takes a turn which can link to a political bias towards pro-life or anti-abortion. When the article mentions that before Dear fired his weapon he yelled something about “baby parts”, a common phrase from conservatives to describe the “horrors” of Planned Parenthood. Immediately in the next sentence after, the author surprisingly defends Dear. In this sentence the author explains how his neighbors described him as one not to have a political affiliation (even though other news sources have been told he was anti-Obama and anti-government).

The end of the article is what really shows the bias. They conclude the article with information about the abortion debates with Planned Parenthood and not with information on the killer. By shifting this subject, it is telling the audience that this Planned Parenthood discussion is more important than a person who killed 3 people.

Overall, I knew going into this article I would see bias, but the way they frame this article at the end is quite ridiculous. Simply put, Fox News must work on sorting their priorities before dismissing a mass shooting for the sake of their agenda.

Fatal Shooting shows Fox New’s True Agenda

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