“Enough with the damn emails!”

Truer words have never been spoken, but sadly the email saga must continue Bernie…

On December 1st, the latest round of emails, in the apparent never ending email scandal surrounding Hillary Clinton, were released. In large, from many different news sources most of the emails don’t prove or add anything to the conversation much. But Fox News is always around to save the day and once again perpetuate the notion that Hillary Clinton covered up Benghazi and that more must be done to…do something about it.

The article published by Fox News titled, “Clinton emails show Benghazi response, back-patting after contentious hearing”, immediately takes aim at trying to make the connection that Hillary knew more than she led on about the Benghazi attacks, and possibly didn’t care about what happened by not taking the matter seriously.

While the article at first glance doesn’t seem that controversial, the bias is clearly present in how they have stacked the news story with quotes from the Republican members, to include the RNC Chair, attacking Hillary. They also quickly shift the subject away from the fact that she could have possibly have had over 1,000 classified emails on a private server (which could be a serious issue all on its own), back to the Benghazi attacks, an issue that Republicans can’t seem to let go. While no new information is really presented about the attacks themselves – except for the fact that Hillary knew those who died early on – the biggest way they attempt to frame the democratic candidate in a negative light is by using the emails sent by staffers and colleges regarding her first testimony on the matter. The emails defending Hillary after the testimony frame her in a way that makes it seem like she was not taking the matter seriously, and again is an attempt to discredit her and her testimony surrounding the attacks.

Overall, it is not surprising that Fox News grasps at anything to keep Benghazi in the news, and continue to try and make it out to seem like Hillary is continuing to hide what she knew about the attacks…despite the fact they have thousands upon thousands of emails, and really nothing to show for their argument.

“Enough with the damn emails!”

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