Does the Truth Really Matter For our Candidates Anymore

Following the fascinating and sometimes infuriating continued success in the polls of Donald Trump has been quite a ride. I found a very compelling op/ed about the interesting conundrum of false truths Donald has spouted these past few months and interestingly how not many people really care. In an age where a sound byte can define a campaign it seems that everything someone says can be considered “the truth” so long as enough people believe it and how many times it gets repeated. However in a presidential race where candidates are expected to show that they have the trust of the American people this problem of truth-ish sound bytes is sure to cause havoc. The op/ed cites that in recent polls conducted by Fox news and CBS news, Trump is deemed honest and trustworthy by 33 percent of Americans and by 60 percent of republicans. This is curiously fascinating due to the fact that countless quotes of his have been found to be false or blatantly misquoted statistics. This problem with trust is not confined to just Trump but also is plaguing Hilary Clintons campaign as well.

When all a candidate needs are a few seconds to get replayed again and again on multiple news networks it seems that nobody cares if the sound byte is factually correct once its been all over the news for hours. I feel that this is a turning point in how campaigns cooperate with certain media and with Americans at large. As polls have shown, Trump and Hillary are still leading their prospective primaries by a significant margin even with their trust issues with the media and with Americans. However what this means for media is uncertain given that accuracy is paramount in the press. But in the mean time no matter how many times we fact check Trump it seems that his supporters will believe him and not the press due to their own distrust with something seemingly more dishonest than him, the media.


I have acted with honest and integrity in producing this work and am unaware of anyone who has not.

Does the Truth Really Matter For our Candidates Anymore

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