Cruz and”bizarre” comments

Although not pertaining to the same instance both the FOX article “GOP 2016 candidate Ted Cruz: California shooting that killed 14 may be act of Islamic terror” and the MSNBC “Ted Cruz: Most violent criminals ‘are Democrats’” pertain to Ted Cruz’s commentary on current issues.

The MSNBC article of course lashes out at the “bizarre” comments Cruz made: most violent criminals are democrats, followed by this being the reason democrats are “soft on crime” – to protect votes. These are comments I don’t think we are used to hearing from Cruz, but probably would not notice if Trump said this. Either way the leap made is astounding. MSNBC calls out the Trump similarity, and continues with chastisement of Cruz by making similar facetious allegations against the Republicans to demonstrate the absurdity of that train of thought.

FOX has an article – about the size of 1 paragraph – on the comment Cruz made post-San Bernadino shooting this week. While at the Republican Jewish Coalition, he asked for a moment of silence since there was “yet another manifestation of… radical Islamic terrorism here at home.” Now this statement is said to have been made when authorities are still investigating motive, suggesting the brevity of the FOX piece is to avoid acknowledging the problem of generalizing this horrific instance for partisan gain.

Had the latter instance been run by MSNBC, I dare say it is obvious it would resemble the first piece with trend and reality check frames used to show how Cruz’s comment was premature.

FOX, on the other hand, had absolutely no mention of Cruz’s violent democrats comment on their site, possibly because their was no way to frame it in a beneficial manner to the republican party.

Cruz and”bizarre” comments

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