Am i the only one that sees 2 mass shootings in 5 days disturbing??

Seriously, first we have the incident in a planned parenthood location in Colorado then while that is developing we have a situation in California. And guess who is consistent in their reporting and bias…. bingo, Fox News.

I really don’t know why i had a thought that maybe there wouldn’t be bias shown as strongly by fox news in the Planned Parenthood article but i went in optimistic only to be disappointed almost right away. the article was going very well for fox news until they decided todd the quote that the killer was claimed to have yelled before shooting. from this point the article gets very political, so political that it becomes framed in a way that takes the focus off of the victims and places it on the smaller more political issues. God forbid someone just murdered people, we’re gonna talk about abortion and go on a small tirade on Loretta Lynch.

What was i thinking that fox would be unbiased. by shifting the focus from the victims to the abortion discussion fox really does a great job of showing their bias. it’s almost like they are saying “hey CNN this is how you show your bias!!!”

Am i the only one that sees 2 mass shootings in 5 days disturbing??

2 thoughts on “Am i the only one that sees 2 mass shootings in 5 days disturbing??

  1. Great points – one of the most appalling examples of Fox bias (in my opinion) is the video segment by Andrea Tarantao on the Planned Parenthood shooting. Her, and the fellow commentators, focus on the “left jumping to conclusions” on the shooter being a right wing-christian-conservative… which he was. And they tend to drill on the idea these are the “same people”who do not use the phrase “Islamic terrorism,” and the claims of PP and “baby parts.” Recommend viewing, the framing and diction in it are great.


  2. beattyj1 says:

    I’d like to read this article just to see how the political frame was constructed. You say that they made a mistake by including the alleged quote but that is a necessary fact to the story. A news story should answer the five W’s (who, what, when, where, and why). To answer the question of why in this instance, the reporter must include indications of motive. That is what the quote does.
    We also must consider the fact that the event is inherently political so any article written on the shooting would have to be, to a certain extent, political as well.
    Now I’m not one to defend Fox in any way and I’m sure you are correct in saying that it was a biased article if it continued with the Fox trend. But I think it’s important to be careful in assigning some standards of bias to journalists because they often become somewhat unrealistic. Facts should never be left out and articles should always address the nature of the news. Just basing my opinion on your post I don’t think I would go so far as to claim that the Fox reporter failed to fulfill their journalistic duty.


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