The GOP is Wary of Trump

As Trump continues to top polls, aggressively stick his foot in his mouth, and offend every faction of people imaginable, the GOP is reportedly becoming wary of his representation of their party. I took two slightly more liberal leaning news sources, CNBC and The New York Times, and compared their takes on this story.

CNBC reported Can the GOP Really Sink Trump, in which they seem to accept the assertion that the GOP is not totally on board with Trump, which requires quite a few assumptions to be true. It questions if he would be able to compete against Clinton, despite the fact that the republicans have been adamant that Clinton is beatable and unfit. The article assumes a lot about the GOP’s positionality, and comes out painting them as regretful, as though they acknowledge that Trump was a mistake from the start. They cite his plunders, liberal criticisms, and polls in which Clinton topples Trump. The points are interesting, but the foundation requires overlooking some other possibilities and factors.

The New York Times reports Wary of Donald Trump, GOP leaders are Caught in a Standoff, which also implies a longstanding hesitancy towards Trump from the GOP. However they imply that there is more fear holding them back in regards to withdrawing support from the ‘insult spewing’ figure (their quote). They actually pull quotes from Republicans and provide more proof that the GOP and many powerful republicans have questioned him as a presidential hopeful. They articulate the political barriers involved in turing on someone representing your own party, and how fear of Trump’s ‘loose cannon’ personality could spell doom for an already faltering party. It is more balanced and political, but still clearly liberally biased in the framing of the GOP as fumbling and afraid.

The two share an overall assertion, but differ in their reasoning and accounting for this phenomenon. The framework is all very negative towards the GOP, but in a more understanding way from the New York Times.

The GOP is Wary of Trump

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