CNBC Reporting on Parent Company GE

Corporate ownership can sometimes seem like the better option when it comes to government versus corporate ownership in the news. But after seeing the six major corporations that control 90% of what we read watch and listen to [Disney, Viacom, Time Warner, GE, CBS and News-Corps] one must wonder about news they might not be hearing about. As a frequent consumer of CNBC, I searched for scandals in their parent company, GE. What I found was that in 2012 Hillary Clinton was lobbying foreign government on behalf of companies including GE. Now, this is just her job and she was successful since a contract was awarded to GE for a power plant in Algeria. However, during this time, GE was making donations to the Clinton foundation. This story suggested they were guilty of honest services fraud, which might just be wild speculation, but this is just one of many controversies that GE has been involved in in recent years.

GE has been accused of evading taxes, dangerous foreign practices, and fraud, but none of this has ever appeared on CNBC. It makes sense that a branch of the company under fire would not whistleblow their bosses, but is that honest journalism? Nope. I searched for some GE executives who have previously been under fire in different news outlets on the CNBC website, and found nothing but positive videos about GE leadership, future, and investment. Corporate ownership might mean the government cannot control our news, but it does mean that capitalist giants can control the message received about their companies and their practices. And if they are only ever cast in a positive light, no one is ever going to stop them from expanding their power until they have far too much influence over things like news and politics. Things corporations have no business influencing. Which ties back to their ability to have a strong politician like Clinton working in their favor.


CNBC Reporting on Parent Company GE

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