Chicago Police Superintendent Fired – Article Comparison

The Chicago police superintendent, Gary F. McCarthy was fired Tuesday by Mayor Rahm Emanuel after the dash-cam video was released showing the fatal shooting of 17-year-old Laquan McDonald by Officer Jason Van Dyke.

Both Mayor Emanuel and McCarthy have been facing criticism over the handling of the Laquan McDonald case, much of it having to do with the 13 months it took in order to charge Van Dyke and the examination of McCarthy’s credibility and leadership skills.

Both The New York Times and The Washington Post covered this case, and all covering the basics were there. The general information of what had happened, when it had happened, and why was all covered and both projected the same information to that sense. However, the direction each took after that was quite different.

To begin with The New York Times, there was major concentration on Mayor Emanuel and not nearly as much for McCarthy. This concentration focused on Emanuel’s point of view and the problems he has ran into in the mist of the shooting. They began their frame with, “‘He has become an issue, rather than dealing with the issue, and a distraction,’ Mr. Emanuel said of Superintendent Garry F. McCarthy.” Depicting McCarthy’s work and how it was not meeting the standards they should, given that McCarthy has worked in the top law enforcement offices with national recognition. 

The article goes on to discuss how Emanuel was forced into a runoff in the mayor’s race earlier this year due to anger coming from mostly black and Latino neighborhoods regarding the closure of about 50 public schools and a strike led by Chicago school teachers. Although he was re-elected in April, Emanuel is having to face skepticism in regards to police treatment on young black people and the manner McDonald’s case was handle in his office.

Turning to the Washington Post’s article, their concentration was much more on Gary McCarthy and the praises Mayor Emanuel has given him. To begin they opened with a quote from Emanuel saying,”He has become an issue, rather than dealing with the issue, and a distraction,” due to the McDonald case and  They followed with a detailed summary of McCarthy’s past experience in some of the country’s biggest police departments and the positive work he had done to improve those departments. The even quoted Emanuel in McCarthy’s appointment in Chicago in 2011 saying, “he praised him as someone who proved ‘reducing crime and working closely with the community are not conflicting goals.'” However, in spite of his accomplished elsewhere, those of Chicago have not been up to par and the Washington Post is taking note of it. 

Both articles covered the primary problem of this topic and the happenings of it but each took a different route in choosing to discuss extensively about two different people.

Washington Post – Chicago police superintendent fired by mayor amid outcry over video of shooting

New York Times – Mayor Rahm Emanuel Fires Chicago Police Superintendent

Chicago Police Superintendent Fired – Article Comparison

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