Bias on Buzzfeed

It the last several years Buzzfeed has grown from a startup to a major internet company that now has major impact in regards of its news media. Now Buzzfeed didn’t just grow due to grassroots fundraising. It received massive investments from the Andreessen Horowitz venture capital firm and NBC Universal. These investments are by companies with distinctive left leaning tendencies and as we’ve seen in class this corporate bias factors immensely into the spin that news media places on their stories.

We can see this evidenced in the Buzzfeed article, “Fox News Host Floats New Muslim Smear, Then Loses it on Twitter.” This article discusses the claim by a Fox News Host that Muslims in New York City and New Jersey were forewarned of the 9/11 attacks and that they watched from rooftops and celebrated. The Fox Host cites his memory of supposed news clippings and such as evidence and it is the purpose of this article to call this report a “smear.” Now to see the bias we have to examine the rhetoric the author of the Buzzfeed article uses. He calls the article a “smear” in the title in an effort to dismiss the claims credibility. Then he attacks the author personally calling him a “mofo” and a “liar.” He makes these claims against the article and author without evidence. This rhetoric displays a personal bias on the basis of the Buzzfeed article writer and a corporate bias by the editor to allow this to be published. Regardless of the personal opinion of the reader this bias must be recognized in order to better interpret the story.


Bias on Buzzfeed

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