How Media Frames the Cruz-Rubio Feud

During this time of year, as the primary are approaching the end, Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio are two candidates that have clashed and have started a feud between each other. Constant finger-pointing and accusations are becoming more present between them. Some may say this is an act in order to gain publicity for both of these candidates since this is both Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio’s first time running for the primary. While this Cruz-Rubio feud is getting a large amount of coverage, it is interesting to see how these media outlets frame the story. Whether the news story covers the issues of the feud or the candidates personally can say a substantial amount about the news source itself.

In an article discovered from titled “Ted Cruz Refuses to take legal status for undocumented immigrant off the table” the author, V. Hillyard, explains the Cruz-Rubio feud in an interesting way. The title alone makes the article seem like it will be only focusing on Ted Cruz  and his views on immigration; however, the article analyzes the issues in a way that appeals to those that are considered leftists instead of keeping the news objective. Although this is common from a partisan news outlet like MSNBC, this article focuses more on how Ted Cruz would handle immigration, and his aggression towards Marco Rubio regarding the issue. This article is set within an issue frame but in a way that makes Ted Cruz seem irrational compared to Marco Rubio’s views.

Link to the article: Ted Cruz refuses to take legal status for undocumented immigrants off the table

In the second article, from the New York Times titled “Ted Cruz Attacks Marco Rubio on Privacy and Immigration, the author, M. Flegenheimer, briefly touches privacy and immigration issues between Cruz and Rubio; however, this article focuses more on the feud between the two senators on a personal level. The article states that Ted Cruz had attacked Marco Rubio on his views about privacy and immigration, then turns its focus on personal statements Cruz and Rubio say to each other via speeches and social media. Cruz calls Rubio “very, very dismayed” while Rubio’s campaign social media immediately responds by hash-tagging #phonytedcruz. While this article is framed in a game issue by putting emphasis on the Cruz-Rubio feud as a whole instead of focusing on one issue, this article does it in an objective way that may be appreciates by democrats and republicans equally.

Link to the article: Ted Cruz Attacks Marco Rubio on Privacy and Immigration

By analyzing these two articles, some conclusions can be made. The MSNBC article, seeing as it is a partisan media outlet that appeals to democrats, it is no surprise that the author focuses on an issue that is disliked by democrats in order to promote conversation and criticism against the republican candidates. By focusing on the issue in a way that makes it seem that even republican candidates don’t agree with each other may influence democrats to perceive them as less knowledgeable. The second article, while it focuses on the Rubio-Cruz feud in a game frame, does a better job at staying objective. The New York Times article focuses on accusations the candidates say about each other while keeping the article neutral instead of veering too right or too left.

How Media Frames the Cruz-Rubio Feud

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