The Importance of the Angle

Student protests in Missouri over racism on campus and a lack of administrative support to combat racism has made national news. While looking at how a variety of news outlets were covering the story it became clear how important an outlets choice in they angle of the articles written over a certain issue are.

When people study the differences between liberal and conservative news outlets they often times look at what stories one is covering that the other is not. In the case of the Missouri protests, every major outlet was covering it. The difference was found in how they were covering it. I will be looking at two articles over the protests written by a reporter at Fox News and another at CNN. The articles were written two days apart and have drastically different perspectives of the story.

The first article, published by CNN, gives a broad overview of the chronological order of events that took place leading up to the arrest of a student who allegedly made violent threats against black students on Yik Yak and the resignation of the University President. Titled, “University of Missouri Campus Protests: ‘This is just a beginning’,” the article highlights the impact that these protests have had on the student body at the University and the impact that these events have had on the national wide discussion of racism.

The second article reported by Fox News provides an alternative angle to the story that is not mentioned in the CNN article. This article titled, “ACLU Urges University of Missouri to Better Protect Students’ Free Speech,” sheds light on some concerns that members of the public have over the instructions that the University police gave students on how they should report hate speech. The American Civil Liberties Union of Missouri is claiming that these instructions infringe on students’ rights to free speech. The only mention of the week’s events or the arrest of the students who allegedly made violent threats on social media is in a three sentence paragraph at the end of the article.

Both articles present facts but only one focuses on the discussion of racism on college campuses. While CNN focuses on the fight for the rights of black students, Fox News focuses on the fight for the student body’s rights to free speech. It’s hard to believe that both articles are about the same issue but it is easy to see why the public observes partisan bias within both media outlets.

Honor Code: I have acted with honesty and integrity while producing this work and am unaware of anyone who has not.

Jayden Beatty

The Importance of the Angle

One thought on “The Importance of the Angle

  1. katietemple says:

    JAYDEN it’s so interesting that Fox covered the University of Missouri protests with an emphasis on protecting negative liberty—a concept that’s attributed to U.S. conservatism. Fox zoomed in on this aspect of the protests as if what took place was a war on free speech waged by bigger institutions and government. CNN, on the other hand, focused on the protest’s connection to the much bigger social issue of racism. I feel like this article comparison really exemplifies the differences in ideology between U.S. conservatism and liberalism—the former crusading to protect individual liberties such as free speech while the latter focuses on more systemic social problems such as discrimination.


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