The Liberal vs Conservative Media Battle Over Ben Carson’s Past

As we all know the Republican presidential debates have been dominating national headlines recently. According to polls, Donald Trump has been passed by neurosurgeon Ben Carson for the lead in the field of candidates. Following this lead change, the media shifted more focus on Carson, and his past has come under scrutiny.

Ben Carson’s entire platform is based on his life story and his rising from a poor troubled youth into the successful neurosurgeon he became. Carson often sites his troubled youth and anger control issues as part of his life of overcoming adversity. He even went as far as to say, in reference to an incident he covers in his autobiography, “”I was trying to kill somebody.”

CNN published a story called, “A Tale of Two Ben Carsons” which examined the validity of this claim from the book of a violent, “pathological temper.” What CNN reportedly found was that when the interviewed nine people who knew him during these years of alleged rage and found that not a single neighbor, friend, or classmate could corroborate this story and one went as far as to say he was “shocked” and also that, “It would have been all over the whole school.”

This alleged fabrication of his life story, which again is the center of his campaign, seems to be a very important insight into the character of the candidate and as such would be covered extensively by all media outlets but I’m sure that nobody will be surprised at Fox News Coverage of this issue which is shown below.

This report spins the CNN report in a racial and partisan way and then flips the script onto President Obama and the Democratic candidates, all without addressing the actual issue. This spin is an obvious example of deflection and even brings to mind the chapter in Levandusky which talks about the resentment towards the opposition’s victory in the previous election.

I have acted with honesty and integrity in producing this work and am unaware of anyone who has not

The Liberal vs Conservative Media Battle Over Ben Carson’s Past

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