My Media Journal

Over the past week I have tracked my news media sources and they are as follows; Yahoo, Al-Jazeera, The Associated Press, NPR, and the almighty Twitter. In my personal opinion, these sites offer a variety of different types of stories from around the world, as well as, a variety of opinions on the same issues. I believe it is important to gather insight from multiple sources (thanks poli sci department).

Why do I choose these particular sites? Yahoo is my homepage and so when I open up my computer it is pretty much the first thing I see anyway. I find it is an easy way to see what the major stories are of the day, plus who doesn’t love their random entertainment stories? While I certainly do view their stories, this is not where I look for in-depth reporting or even solid analysis. This is very similar to getting news on the Twitosphere. When I’m in bed or away from home (read Wi-Fi) this is the easiest way to find out the major stories that happening in real time.

When I want an in-depth analytical look at the news I always turn to the AP, Al-Jazeera, and NPR. I feel like they provide the most content and educated analysis of the news providers. I like to think that they are simply just less biased, but obviously having been in this class for a few months and from the readings this week, I now know they aren’t.

So what does this say about me? I think it says I certainly lean towards the left and that I am a product of my generation, hence the use of Twitter for news. Obviously being a college student contributes heavily to my views, especially being one in this department. I identify myself more with the left and it is most likely because of this I seek out NPR and Al-Jazeera. However, my sense of need for unbiased media sources also has me viewing the AP because I feel it is more center than anything.

My Media Journal

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