My media consumption

I like news. No really, I like reading news.

I don’t mean that I read a morning paper everyday or even tune in to cable news in the evening. No, what I do is that I continuously get news updates throughout the day. On my smartphone and my iPad I have several news apps that I either read at some point during the day, or get notifications from. My two most frequently used one are Omni and BBC along with the app for the Swedish daily news paper SvD. Omni is a Swedish news aggregator that gathers news from AP and TT as well as major news outlets in Sweden. Through this I get an instant overview and can, if I’m interested, go to the original source and read the full article. I rarely use the BBC app in the same way rather, I treat it as a notification generator that gives me headlines of big stories. Sometimes I read the story, but most times I just look at the headline and leave it there.

The same goes for my Twitter feed where I follow both AP and Reuters as well as the BBC. I prefer the aggregators but sometimes it’s nice to read full articles and that’s when I turn to BBC. In my FB feed the primary aggregator is which is a small aggregator that gets articles from all kinds of sites I would never visit on my own which is nice.

Finally my FB friends like/comment on/shares articles that I sometimes read because I like getting as many perspectives as possible. Having friends on a wide political spectrum leads to a wide range of sites ranging from left-wing fringe sites in Sweden to right-wing American sites like Breitbart and National Review.

Reflecting on my media consumption I’ve come to realize that despite my interest and my affinity for news, I rarely actually read the news. I read headlines. A lot of headlines. When it actually comes to reading articles I really only do it if I have a genuine interest and the time to do it. And even then I often end up skimming the paragraphs to get the general idea. Maybe in my attempt to mediate my own biases I’ve become empty. I have no substance. I hope that’s not true, but I can’t help shaking the feeling that I should devote more time to the actual articles instead of just looking for the next headline.

My media consumption

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