MSNBC, Fox News and The Keystone Pipeline, Oh My!

After weeks of reading Levandusky’s book on partisan news and their biases (specifically in regards to MSNBC and Fox News) I decided to test this idea for myself. I read an article from Fox New’s and MSNBC on the Keystone Pipeline Veto and how each reacted too it, which was very accurate to Levandusky’s findings.

The article for Fox was titled “Obama rejects Keystone XL pipeline bid”, while the MSNBC article was beautifully titled “Obama rejects Keystone XL, left scores major victory”. The title alone shows the very different mindsets each of these news sites have. Though I would like to add that the article on Fox was not as easy to find as I though it would be, mostly due to the fact that there were an abundance of articles about other politicians reacting to the veto, but little about the veto itself.

The MSNBC article title was almost laughable due to its blatant leftist views, and the content inside it reflected on it as well. Inside the article it talked about the good decision Obama Administration made saying at the end of the article “There was no real, coherent reason to embrace the project. The president obviously made the right call”. This dismissing attitude was prevalent throughout the article, saying the right was insane and how after the veto the “GOP leaders on Capitol Hill and the Republican presidential candidates will scream bloody murder this afternoon, insisting the Obama White House is … I don’t know … indifferent to job creation or something”. Another theme throughout the article was the focus on the environment and the dismissing attitude towards the idea of jobs being taken away.

In regards to the Fox News article, though the title was plain the content was full of partisan. The main focus in this article is that the Keystone Pipeline would have created jobs so democrats must hate people having jobs. They said many times that this could create jobs, but failed to go into depth on how it would impact the environment. Fox news simply states “Republicans called the decision disappointing”. They then criticize the president and other democrats who oppose the pipeline.

Both articles did not source anything specific except for a video of the speech the president makes for the veto, but in return makes sure to provide partisan commentary to fuel their audience. Fox does quote many GOP candidate’s reactions from their twitter accounts and agrees with them fully.

All in all, MSNBC and Fox News live up to the expectations of Levandusky. The articles choose to leave out specific information and talk about their own parties agendas. Surprisingly enough, due to the biases of each article I learned a lot about both sides of the argument. Either way it was a fascinating experiment and I will defiantly need to continue to investigate.

Fox article:

MSNBC article:

MSNBC, Fox News and The Keystone Pipeline, Oh My!

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