Media Framing: Fiorina Winning or Losing?

Finding an article discussing the GOP candidates and how they’re doing in the debates is not difficult. Currently they’re the only ones that seem to matter leading up to the primaries. Perhaps this is because it is widely assumed that Clinton will win the democratic nomination and there are less polarizing cadindates running for the democratic nomination that the media has deemed worth mentioning. For the republicans there has been quite the stir because the number of candidates still in the race and these extreme non-traditional figures like Trump and Carson. It is important for us to look at the media coverage these candidates recieve and analyze how it shapes the audiences perceptions.

I read two articles, one from MSNBC and another from Fox that both discuss Carly Fiorina following the most recent debate and how she is doing in the polls. Each frame Fiorina in different ways, Fox highlights her ability to stand up to Trump and moments where she seems to be able to connect with the audience to create a sense of trust.The MSNBC article takes a different aim, while they note that Fiorina is strong in the debates, recently she has misspoken which has lead to criticism over her credibility. They highlight the problems Fiorina faces and areas where she struggles to connect with the audience.

Each news source has their own way of framing the candidates and these frames serve to shape the audiences opinions. Depending on which article the reader chooses they will come away with very different views of how Fiorina is doing in the campaign. This is important because it shows that how a candidate is covered matters and shaped the audiences opinions.



Media Framing: Fiorina Winning or Losing?

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