Keystone Pipeline Bias

Fox’s article “Obama Rejects Keystone XL Pipeline Bid” attempts a demonstration of both sides of the argument but only succeeds in highlighting one.

Much of the tone and language is directed aggressively towards President Obama, and is followed with direct quotes and tweets from fellow politicians who disagree with the rejection.

This article uses language such as “killing the pipeline,” “hopes will be a crowning jewel,”  “latched onto…the type of dirty fossil fuels,” and “hypocrisy,” in reference to the anti-pipeline stance. And uses considerably less harsh language in reference to the pro-pipeline stance: “touted…profound economic benefits,” “envisioned,” and a “disappointing” decision.

Sen. Marco Rubio is the first quoted speaking of the “demands of radical environmentalists” being chosen over America. Rick Santorum followed this with “Obama has abandoned American workers to appease the environmental fringe,” clearly trying to discredit those who were in agreement with Obama.

It would appear Fox makes the Republican/pro-pipeline stance apparent and leaves the more Liberal/anti-pipeline stance to be pieced together until the final comments from Sen. Barbara Boxer, and Bernie Sanders; neither of which are expanded upon much.

Keystone Pipeline Bias

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