Good Ol’ Trump’s at it again

Honestly, i can’t seem to take any of these candidates seriously for many differing reasons, but oh boy Trump is a character alright.

Originally i was planning to compare what two local news sources, KXAN and KVUE, had to say regarding Trump’s statement on how he would like to re-implemt a relic of President Eisenhower’s administration. But while spending way more time than necessary looking for the actual article on KXAN and not finding it I’m at a loss as to whether i am comparing articles or looking at bias in the actual network.

I rather enjoyed that KVUE seems to have a multitude of different articles regarding trump and other candidates because it sure is nice to have several other articles from other sides. However, i am wondering if KXAN simply doesn’t like trump or if there is some bias against trump. The only article i could find that tales about immigration and hinted at Trump only included his picture as the thumbnail and was on page 5. While on KVUE, one of the first stories on the home page read “Trump recalls “operation wetback” in latest immigration plan”.

Now, that headline did not surprise me one bit because it sounds like something that trump would say. Although while i agree that immigration is a major issue in this country and we need to find a way to curb the number of illegal immigrants, i just don’t see how it would be possible, let alone cost effective, for us to deport more than 4 Darrell K. Royal stadiums full of people every month.

As far as bias goes i really don’t know what to make of KXAN’s decision to include an article about trump’s immigration plan in their national feed or entire website as a whole. there could be some bias against trump or it could simply be that texans don’t really take him seriously.

To see the article on Kvue:

Good Ol’ Trump’s at it again

One thought on “Good Ol’ Trump’s at it again

  1. I haven’t read other articles about Trump on their web site but I can agree and say that they may have a bias against Trump. I personally don’t take him serious and I am a Texan.

    I did see a video where he said he would do this in a humane way, which I don’t see how. The title they used for the article is highly emotional to me because of the word play, it really evokes and connects the already apparent racism that Trump has had in his campaign.


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