Fox Reports on Obama veto

Obama recently vetoed the Keystone XL pipeline, a project strongly supported by republicans. So Fox News’s report on the situation is understandably critical of this action. The recap of the previous years in which this pipeline has been under fire were dismissed, and the reasons brought up as reasons for Obama’s decision are framed as more of a power play. The language and frame of statements like, “killing the pipeline allows Obama to claim aggressive action on the environment.. could help strengthen his hand as world leaders prepare to finalize a major global climate pact next month.” Years of debate and environmental reasons to reject the plan are overlooked in the article, which more focuses on factors the republicans advocated for, like job creation, that Obama shot down. Most commentary on the situation is from presidential hopeful republicans and their dismay at Obama’s policy. The one quote pulled from a democrat is from Bernie Sanders and the quote is that he calls the pipeline ‘insane’. The language makes him seem too far left, while the points made in quotes by republicans are more articulate and rounded out.

While not every point made is wrong or invalid in the article, the framing for this article is clearly and staunchly opposed to Obama, and favors the pros of the pipeline, and what will be lost with the veto. The harsh language, like ‘killing’ the pipeline is aggressive, and the language surrounding the President’s motivation strongly hints at a hidden agenda. The article seems to suggest that Obama is doing this just to appeal to, or to appease the ‘fringe’ environmentalists. There is little foundation for this argument, mainly because Obama has not changed his mind on this issue, so a sudden veto is not out of the blue, but could have been predicted since the very beginning. Not to mention the depiction of the environmentalists ‘chaining themselves to fences in protest’. It frames the liberals in a very negative light, and the President in a less than flattering one.

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Fox Reports on Obama veto

One thought on “Fox Reports on Obama veto

  1. Upon reading the article, I also found that the article focused more on President Obama’s denial of the Keystone XL Pipeline rather than the issues previously expressed regarding its advantages and disadvantages. Interestingly, the reporting on this issue has not changed significantly despite years of lack of action. In relation to an article I also posted regarding Fox’s interpretation of the President and his policies, Fox seems to either take two frames in administering their views of the President, all usually involving a conflictual framework; they either signal him as an enemy towards American progress and ideals or they attempt to prove the latter by concentrating on his leadership within the Democratic party. While I realize this same framework is used on MSNBC and other liberal news outlets as well, I increasingly feel that Fox cares more about convincing their viewers that the President has poor character rather than provide a logical argument for why they disagree with his policies. Although, I am sure all of us can agree that Fox has bypassed the ability to commit to logical reasoning, their lack of such methods deters their viewers away from full political knowledge. As this week’s reading matrices discussed while political knowledge is generally greater for partisan news viewers, is it really sufficient when stories such as the one above skew or ignore certain information?


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