For Fox Sake: Media bias surrounding GOP debate

It’s no secret to the public that Fox News is a biased outlet. From the stories covered and reported to the comments created, Fox has been notorious for having partisan viewpoints. One particular news article in which I have identified as having a potential media bias based on ownership (Fox News) and ideology (conservatism) is a story covered by Fox: “The big winners (and one big loser) at Milwaukee GOP debate” by Erick Erickson (yes, that is the author’s real! name!). Throughout his article, Erickson argues that the Fox GOP debate is what all other previous debates should have been like because of the way it was conducted by Fox Business. By analyzing Erickson’s article, I can infer that there are obvious media biases present within the piece and I question what affect this has on the audience engaging with the text.

It is apparent that this media bias exists by the first line in the article. Erickson begins his argument by stating, “First, Fox Business is a big winner. This debate is what all the other debates should have been. The questions were substantive, the candidates had time, and the moderators did not try to be the stars of the show. It was really well done and informative” (“The big winners”). Erickson continues to applaud each candidate for their candor and eloquence (except Kasich, of course). Are these praises simply because this is a GOP debate? How would Erickson might have reported on the Democratic debate? In addition, although the GOP debate was entertaining and engaging, was it really because of Fox Business or is this just Erickson’s opinion? How does this shape the ways in which we read the article and then form opinions on the debate? How does Erickson’s argument systematically perpetuate this idea that Fox News and political conservatism are intrinsically intertwined? By analyzing this article and attempting to answer these questions, it is apparent that a media bias is present within Erickson’s argument.

For Fox Sake: Media bias surrounding GOP debate

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