Father Frank’s 411 on Abortion

One particular news article in which I believe has, not a potential, but a legitimate journalistic media bias is “The Abortion Industry: Corrupt to the Core” written by Father Frank Pavone for Fox News. Pavone’s argument throughout his piece is how evil and deceptive even the topic of abortion is and how we must ‘expose abortion.’ One evident piece of information that highlights Pavone’s obvious bias is apparent in his opening sentence: “Each of us has devoted his life, for decades now, to ending abortion. And we have done so — and continue to do so — with the conviction that abortion, and the industry that sells it, is collapsing under its own weight” (“The Abortion Industry”). Pavone takes a stance and assumes that everyone who has “devoted their lives to ending abortion” is a him and that it’s his job to take on this goal. Also, Pavone has obvious biases on the topic of abortion because he is the National Director of Priests for Life and Missionaries of the Gospel of Life and president of the National Pro-life Religious Council and he references Paul to the Ephesians in his first paragraph about “exposing fruitless works of darkness,” aka abortion.

I know this bias exists because it is so evident throughout Pavone’s work it is almost palpable. In an attempt to provide some point of relevance, Pavone refers to a ‘real world’ example in which he states: “To understand the real world impact of all this, all one has to do is watch the heartbreaking interview with Deborah Cardamone on the Life Dynamics website, SafeAndLegal.com.  Ms. Cardamone describes what happened when her beautiful 18-year-old daughter, Marla, was deceived into having an abortion she didn’t want.  In the end, not only was Deborah’s grandchild dead, so was Marla” (“The Abortion Industry”). The language he uses, such as “was deceived into having an abortion she didn’t want” further perpetuates his main argument that abortion is evil and deceptive and must be exposed. By analyzing Pavone’s language we can systematically investigate his bias and how it is grossly apparent in his article. Pavone concludes his article on an overall note on how abortion is a vice, corrupting the lives of the young and those who (quotes intended by Pavone) are “pro-choice” have a conscience that, “has deteriorated to the point that you can kill babies,” will do more evil as well.


Father Frank’s 411 on Abortion

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