CNN, Sanders, and the Youth Vote

The title “Sanders: Don’t let anyone tell you politics is ‘bull'” brings to mind the questions of who Sanders is speaking to and why he is speaking about this; while CNN doesn’t ever elaborate on who Sanders is speaking to, one can find hints throughout the article. CNN portrays Sanders as a man of ideals, stating that unlike the pragmatic Clinton, Sanders draws crowds due to his “sharp messaging and targeting liberal principles surrounding economic inequality” (Wright 2015). But Sanders isn’t just a man of ideals, no; he’s a man of fire whose actions range from “[s]lamming the Koch brothers and decrying America’s slide into ‘oligarchy'”  to “energiz[ing] an eager crowd in Las Vegas with his colorful language and a trademark salvo against the influence of mega donors” (Wright 2015). Sanders, a man in his 70s, is described in terms one would usually use to describe a wrestler.

Why does CNN do this? The answer lies in the quotes Wright picks from Sanders’ speech: “‘People are going to say, ‘Why did you go to this rally? Some guy no one has ever heard of? Why were you here? And I want you to tell them, if anyone tells you politics is bulls—, and you shouldn’t get involved, ask them why it is that the Koch brothers and other billionaires are spending 900 million bucks on this election'” (Wright 2015). While one could claim this quote is directed at all Sanders supporters, CNN’s colorful, energetic language used to describe Sanders heavily implies that this quote is aimed at young voters in an attempt to get them to go out and vote. While this is a relatively short article, if one digs deep enough, one can find the implications that Sanders is a candidate primarily for the young whose ideals and principles may not appeal as much to more jaded older voters.

Wright, David. 2015. “Sanders: Don’t let anyone tell you politics is ‘bull’.” CNN Politics. Last modified Nov. 9. Accessed Nov. 11, 2015.

CNN, Sanders, and the Youth Vote

One thought on “CNN, Sanders, and the Youth Vote

  1. mattzagurski says:

    Awesome highlight of how the media is covering Sanders. I think it’s interesting that he is still seen as an enigma and a sideline show more than a viable candidate. Even in this article he is shown in the light of being a unique attraction but instead of a hard hitting article diving into his policy ideas the media seems to keep him at arms length and dismiss him even with all the support his is gaining from the younger demographic.


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