Bias In The News and Abortion

It is a pretty well known fact that news media is biased. No matter how hard journalists try, biases are very hard to escape from. From where you work, what your employers want you to say, and your personal beliefs, biases can creep into ones journalistic livelihood without any notice. Though this may be a problem for many journalists, it is especially prevalent in the Fox News industry, especially in regards to abortion coverage. To better understand this, I analyzed an article from Fox News about Planned Parenthood harvesting fetal tissue for profit. While this is an important topic to discuss and analyze, I argue that due to the biases in the article, it does not add to this conversation critically but keeps it stagnate.

To start, when I found this article it was in the “SCANDAL” section of Fox’s website. This already sets a dramatic frame for any article in this section I click on, ready for the juicy details about Hillary Clintons emails and abortion gossip. After reading, the most prevalent bias that I found is the blatantly conservative and partisan bias that appears throughout many stories written by Fox News. The article centers around Holly O’Donnell who was an ex-procurement technician for StemExpress, a company that according to O’Donnell harvested fetuses. Despite us knowing nothing about O’Donnell herself, the author trusts her enough to use her testimonies as truth. Along with this, Fox did not mention any other testimonies for the opposing viewpoint in this argument. Fox’s article blatantly refuses to add a second view due to the fact that this would be unlike their usual biased media.

Though I understand that the left is also biased in the subject of abortion and an article by MSNBC would be just as bad as Fox, it still is jarring and upsetting. I would love to see a further investigation into the biases involving abortion coverage in the media and the effects it has on an audience through a detailed case study. Until then, we can only observe these biases from afar and watch.

Bias In The News and Abortion

One thought on “Bias In The News and Abortion

  1. I think you summarize the article excellently and I deeply appreciate your acknowledgement of bias on both ends of the outlet spectrum Fox and MSNBC.

    Personally, the article loses all credibility just by being labeled under the “Scandal” area of the site. (Why is such an area even necessary? Is breaking news, no longer attention grabbing enough?) This also may have just been my time reading the article, but the “graphic media” was hyped by various advertisements all in close proximity to each other as if to continue as you said the dramatization of the issue.

    Lastly, as you mentioned, the lack of opposing view points is rather bold. I have lost track of how many times we have had the Journalism and balanced objectivity debate, which is why I fail to understand how Fox thought it was ok to publish this starkly one-sided story.


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