Noticeable Partisan Media Bias: Fox News

While searching for a news article that I can deem bias for this blog post, I automatically turned to FoxNews and MSNBC due to the common knowledge of them being partisan bias. As I arrive to the two web pages, there was hardly any noticeable differences, same old news that everybody enjoys, but upon opening up the “Politics” tab at, the surge of Republican bias struck; everything about this page was dedicated to the republican party.  FoxNews has a known partisan bias that (almost) everyone knows about, but I decided to point out how extreme their website is compared to the partisan bias that MSNBC news holds.

FoxNewsPolitics MSNBCnews

As you can see, the politics page of FoxNews is dedicated to Republican candidates while barely mentioning the Democratic Presidential Primary Debate. The partisan bias is prevalent in the FoxNews page compared to the MSNBC page. MSNBC doesn’t have a page dedicated just to “politics” like FoxNews but instead, they separate Republicans and Democrats into different categories.

In conclusion, Fox News and MSNBC both hold a partisan bias, however, Fox is much more aggressive at showing it than MSNBC. While MSNBC dedicates two separate pages for Democrats and Republicans to show that there are two sides of the political spectrum. FoxNews dedicates the “politics” page solely to Republicans; does this mean that FoxNews interprets important political news with only Republicans and how does this translate to the general public’s opinion?

Fox News


Noticeable Partisan Media Bias: Fox News

One thought on “Noticeable Partisan Media Bias: Fox News

  1. andreadominguez1 says:


    It’s funny you discuss the differences between the two websites because as I was scrolling through them both, I found the same extreme!

    In our readings for class, specifically “Red Media, Blue Media,” it argues and conducts a study over how strong of a media bias Fox holds. Ironically, although not surprising, it seems as if the evidence you point out goes hand in hand with the article’s.

    The difference between the two pages is quite shocking, given that both news sources hold a partisan bias of their own.

    In attempt to answer your question, my opinion would be that Fox News overflows their website with such a strong pull on the Republican Party in part to convince their viewers of who is more important that than the other. However, with the questioning of a liberal bias in media by several political scientist, Fox might feel inferior to a predominately liberal news source such as MSNBC since there is debate of the media having a liberal bias. Therefore, Fox might be trying to compensate for this debate over liberal bias in the media in filling their page with news of only Republicans.


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