Possible Military Times Bias

While in the article titled “Trump Releases plan aimed at improving Veterans’ care” is for the most part objective, there is some subtle bias.

It really isn’t breaking news that disabled veterans are screwed by the military when it comes to health care. 1 year ago CNN reported that as many as 40 Armed Forces veterans died while waiting for care at a Veterans Affairs location in Arizona. I remember going to the nearest VA in San Antonio, with my father and his friend that retired 2 years ago and is affected from wounds received while he was deployed, the wait to see the doctor seemed to last forever. in fact it did because he never did get to see that doctor and unfortunately he passed a few months later.

The article published on military times does somewhat show bias that exists in the military. There has been decent levels of distrust in the commander in chief for quite some time. Since we are approaching the end of a presidency it seems that Military times might be using their reach to veterans to promote one candidate over the other, in this case it is Trump.

The article does talk about republican candidate Ben Carson, however they add “veterans groups have criticized Ben Carson” and put him in a negative light by adding the fact the he proposed disbanding the VA. this only would create more distrust from veterans because  they already feel animosity towards the VA but they recognize that they are receiving little help by having the VA around. The article seems to prop up Trump over Hillary Clinton and Ben Carson by adding that Trump feels sympathetic to Veterans.

To see the whole article: http://www.militarytimes.com/story/veterans/2015/11/01/trump-releases-plan-aimed-at-improving-veterans-care/74998688/

Possible Military Times Bias

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