My media diary

The majority of my news basically comes from flipping through television channels in the evening. I tend to watch KXAN and KVUE more consistently because it deals with local news here in georgetown. Other sources include Williamson county sun newspaper, San Gabriel weekly newspaper, along with the fort hood sentinel.

I really like to watch the local news channels because i like to keep up with what all is going on in my hometown. As far as newspapers go, the local newspapers are always filled with interesting stories that don’t usually get coverage on the local news channels, so it is a nice complement to keep up with the goings on in georgetown. The main reason that i read the fort hood sentinel is because i was born on the military base and i spend most of my free time on base, so it is nice to get something that discusses issues that affect fort hood. Also, my father is an army officer so the base newspaper really helps because i have some source that i can reach out to when he comes home and he wants to talk about work and any political issues that affect the military.

As far as my personal points of view and bias i guess that i never really thought of that before this semester. Now that i actually sit and think of how these news sources could show those characteristics, i come to the conclusion that they show them really well. I am very involved in knowing whats going on in Georgetown because i remember when it was a small town and there was for example only 1 highschool and we never had a stadium on school grounds. I try to abstain from talking about my political views or identification in everyday conversation, maily because i dont believe that how someone identifies politically solely makes them who they are. But for the sake of giving context as to why i use these media sources, i believe that they show the conservative/ republican side. i am really concerned with anything that affects the military because that is all i’ve really known since i have basically grown up down the road from Fort Hood. Also the military newspapers tend to  be more favorable towards the military and typically are more conservative than others. but that is not to say that i dont look at other more liberal news sources.

I think that it is important to have some form of political beliefs. but ultimately it is up to the individual to take an issue and go out and search for all the different opinions so that they can  form an educated understanding of whatever topic that may be. i admit that at times is is difficult to go to other sources that may or may not agree with your own personal beliefs, but that is key to forming your own opinion as opposed to echoing what you hear in the news. i admit i need to work on getting out and getting more opposing or differing views; it takes time that i usually do not have. but i am always looking to get out of that comfort zone more often.

My media diary

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