Subtle Bias and Fox News

By Jayden Beatty

In an article written for Fox News titled Kerry Planning Mideast Visit as US Faces Pressure to Calm Violence in Israel,” the art of subtle bias is exemplified.

The article is ripe with historical facts about the Israel-Palestinian conflict. As the reader goes through the article their confidence in validity grows to such an extent that the small but influential jabs at the Obama administration are almost taken as fact.

One example is the use of tone within the article transitions. One sentence reads, “Kerry may be hoping his personal touch can help bring both sides together as tensions reach a critical point.” Standing alone there is seemingly nothing wrong with the sentence but when read after a paragraph claiming that both Clinton and Kerry have continuously failed to create peace between the two countries the sentence is then read with a tone of sarcasm. Mockery is a definite form of bias within this article.

Another example is when the author of the article intentionally paints a picture of a lack of transparency from the government. One paragraph states, “Pressed repeatedly at Tuesday’s briefing on what U.S. officials are doing and saying about the crisis, State Department spokesman Mark Toner said Kerry is urging both sides to condemn violence and combat incitement. But he would not elaborate beyond saying that the U.S. is delivering the same message to the Israelis and Palestinians. The only specific item he mentioned was that Kerry is stressing the “importance of upholding the status quo in word and in deed at Haram al-Sharif/Temple Mount.”

The phrases, “Pressed repeatedly,” and “The only specific item he mentioned,” clearly sends a message that the government officials are untrustworthy and are intentionally hiding facts from the public. Whether that’s true or not cannot be said through facts but these phrases make it seem as if it were factual.

These are all examples of subtle bias which is the most dangerous form of bias because it influences the reader without the reader ever noticing it.

To read the full article go here:


Subtle Bias and Fox News

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