My Big Fat Liberal Bias

Right now I’m going to address the elephant in the room, I’m a huge liberal. Though this may not come to shock for many people, I actually never though of myself as a huge liberal until I analyzed my media consumption. I mostly consume news from MSNBC, CNN and NPR, and then it only gets worse on my Facebook feed. Online I follow mostly liberal news sites, from TYT, MSNBC and (what I consider my worst offender) Buzzfeed Politics.

I find myself using these sources not just for news consumption, but for validation. Coming from a liberal family, I was used to hearing my views reflected back at me, but as I went to college I saw many different viewpoints and honestly, it freaked me out. So much like conservatives go to Fox news to hear their viewpoints, I do the same with liberal media. This was shocking to me because I had never thought about myself in this way. I always assumed I was a moderate liberal, but now after looking at the echo chamber which is my Facebook feed and TV I can say that I’m pretty much a huge liberal. Weather thats problematic is debatable, but all I know is that my lovely news anchors at my favorite TV station would never tell me that.

My Big Fat Liberal Bias

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