Media Diary: Predictable But Enjoyed

For my media diary, I would have hoped it would have been a week where a newspaper on the coffee table caught my eye, and I proceeded to thumb through it. Or like the good ole’ days I sat in front of the television for an hour or two just watching the news/political commentary shows. — Sadly, I am Laura Gonzales, and those things rarely happen.

95% of my media came from none other than my phone. The other 5%? My laptop. I am a millennial through and through. I have a hectic schedule, I want to stay informed, and I want to be entertained. Modern media and thus social media are integral pats of my life and personal education. Whether it is my walk to class, my downtime at work, or my free time in my room, I can easily access any number of sites and articles that will tell me my views, the oppositions views, and of course some facts mixed in.

My go to sites, are all through the social media platform Twitter; it is probably the one I frequent the most because it lays out everything I need in a live stream. Within this, my information typically comes from the polar opposites of my parents – CNN, Washington Post, New York Times, and Huffington Post. For “research purposes’ I scrolled through my personal tweets and (surprisingly even to me) in recent days, 15 Washington Post articles were either retweeted or favorited, 6 New York Times articles, and 3 New Yorker articles – among several other smaller numbers of various outlets. This does not even take into account the ones I read and did not interact with on social media.

I enjoy receiving my media this way. In the past, I even had the app that filtered news by local/state/national/international genres and partisanship. It was *glorious*. Information is available anywhere and everywhere – filtered by the reader judiciously of course.

Media Diary: Predictable But Enjoyed

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