Hillary Clinton Clear Winner of First Democratic Debate?

Last night, the current five democratic candidates faced off in the first debate in Las Vegas, hosted by Facebook/CNN. After two and a half hours of debate, CNN declared Hillary the winner! However, if you ask the Bernie Sanders campaign he was the clear winner, and many Bernier Sanders would agree with that statement. So this leads to the question of why CNN can be so certain that Hillary won…

First though we have to take a step back. Time Warner Cable, one of the largest telecommunications companies in the United States, owns a variety of media outlets, one of which includes Turner Broadcasting System. On the outset this might not seem like a big deal, or even come to answering why CNN would so declaratively announce Hillary the winner. But lets connect some dots to bring everything together. CNN is owned by Turner Broadcasting System, whose parent company is Time Warner Cable. Conveniently, it just so happens that Time Warner Cable has contributed $501,831 to Hillary Clinton.

Does this definitively prove that CNN rigged the debate for Hillary? Not necessarily, in fact it seemed like Anderson Cooper did a decent job of moderating the candidates and keeping the debate on track, and even calling out several of their answers. However! This does raise a serious question about having a presidential debate moderated by a company whose is directly tied to over $500,000 of contributions to a single candidate.

Now we could easily see if there is true bias towards Hillary Clinton on the part of CNN by analyzing news articles and coverage of her during election years (when the contributions tend to matter a little more), and see if they do indeed favor Hillary. However, even without doing that, an image of bias is already established.

To be fair though, other news sources declared Hillary the winner as well, but they don’t have a $500,000 investment on the debate stage…

Hillary Clinton Clear Winner of First Democratic Debate?

One thought on “Hillary Clinton Clear Winner of First Democratic Debate?

  1. haywoodc says:

    I’m very thankful that you posted this entry, because I hadn’t though about the fact that CNN could have a bias while monitoring the debate. This raises many questions for CNN, why did they not inform the public on the possibility of a bias? After thinking about this for a while, it makes me wonder many things about the debate, why did they let her stand in the center of the stage? Why did they mostly advertise her and Bernie before the debate itself and not the other candidates? This entry makes me want to rewatch the whole debate and see if there was any slight bias towards Hillary. Great entry, very insightful! 🙂


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