Dear Media

Sitting down and watching the news on television would be nice; unfortunately I simply do not usually have the luxury of  time to spend doing so. Consequently I get most of my information from online pieces posted by the New York Times and CNN. I enjoy reading these articles and do so with the purpose of learning about current international events. While I enjoy reading them I have a few concerns.

The main concern I have with these online sources is that they have multiple articles dedicated to an issue but essentially they all say the same thing. Perhaps it is because I’m looking specifically for international news but I feel like I read the same story about the Syrian refugee crisis each time I pull up a new article. I feel like there should be more of a dialog about what is actually happening to these people. We know there are a lot of them moving but what happens once they reach the countries taking them in? How are they treated? Do they have the means to survive and integrate into a new culture? How are countries trying to aid that process? I guess I want to more in respect to the actual people fleeing their homes and possible solutions to the problem.

The other concern I have is that majority of the news is about the same topic. Multiple articles all dedicated to the same issue largely saying the same thing. Again I think part of it is because I’m looking specifically for international news but still I get the refugee crisis is important, it is a big problem that needs to be solved; however, there has to be more going on in the world that we should also be concerned with.

So dear CNN and New York Times,

Please write more stories covering different current international events and find ways to provide new information instead of repeating the same story.


Shannon Lukehart

Dear Media

One thought on “Dear Media

  1. katietemple says:

    Shannon I TOTALLY agree that a lot of news sources thoroughly cover American politics but it’s really hard to find news that covers international affairs. Maybe it’s because news sources know their audiences don’t really care about international politics–I feel like that’s partially a characteristic of the U.S., that we don’t really care about anything else going on in the world if it’s not happening to us. You’re right, I feel like the Syrian refugee crisis wasn’t covered much at all in the news even though it affected millions of people. We’re lucky we don’t have to worry about things like that. But maybe if news sources started reporting more about international politics, then our indifference as a country about them could change.


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