Dear (media) Diary,

This morning, I woke up in a war zone. My phone was decimated by friends and acquaintances blowing up social media with tweets, Facebook notifications, texts, and snapchats of last night’s Democratic debate. Okay, not the best metaphor but you get the point. I, being the grandma that I am, turned in early last night, completely slept through the debate, and was reminded of it’s significance the next morning. Some lists of media I used to learn about the debate included NPR, CNN, The New York Times, Facebook, Twitter, and surprisingly enough, the “Fight Night: Dems Debate” Snapchat story. That one was a little embarrassing to admit, but it gave me short snippets of the debate and commentary from those who were recording it. Plus, the filters were awesome.

In all honesty, I used these media sources because they are the most available to me. I realize that these outlets (particularly CNN) have a considerably more liberal leaning bias, however, I feel as if I am validated after I read them because my political views align mostly with liberal media. These sources most certainly reflect my personal points of view and biases due to the fact that I typically don’t turn to more conservative/less obviously biased outlets. As awful as it is to admit, I am comfortable with reading points of view similar to mine and am somewhat uncomfortable when I read something vastly different from what I enjoy reading. For instance, I decided to read Trump’s commentary on the political debate and was so annoyed by his comments simply because I am annoyed by him. I had decided that Trump’s commentary was unnecessary and was about to call it quits when I scrolled past his “Good move by Bernie S.” tweet. I will proudly admit that I am a big fan of Bernie Sanders. I feel the Bern. So in that moment, I was hooked and started reading Trump’s tweets again. To my disappointment (and also relief), that was the only thing I found remotely important regarding Trump’s ‘analysis’ of the Democratic debate. Because of my own biases, I neglected the comments I found unnecessary and those that did not fit my own political opinions.

Dear (media) Diary,

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