Consumption of Media

“SUNDAY SUNDAY SUNDAY! The ULTIMATE showdown between Hillary and Bernie! Watch as Bernie Sanders threatens the democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton live on stage in the Democratic Showdown of the Century!”…ok so it wasn’t Sunday, it was actually Tuesday…but these types of headlines are the ones that I saw across all forms of media leading up to the Democratic Debate. There was definitely no shortage of dramatic, eye-catching headlines.

With so much hype around the first Democratic Debate, I took in as much media as I could seeing how they would cover the candidates leading up to it, and then even spent the entire day reading the post debate coverage analysis.

At the top of my go to sources of news are: Online – The New York Times, NBC News, NPR, and BBC News. For TV – MSNBC, The Daily Show, Real Time with Bill Maher, and Last Week Tonight. However, with the debate coming up, I also looked at Al Jazeera America, and even branched out to Fox News.

I fully admit I have a liberal bias, hence having NYT, NBC, and BBC as my go to sources. Although BBC tends to be a little more centrist. However, reading the Fox News coverage and also the 30 seconds I could stand to watch of Fox News, while it wasn’t terrible, they certainly don’t support my views or ideologies. I know I am biased in my political ideologies, but I try to at least listen to the other side and hear their arguments. So I do not believe I am completely closed off to the other side, but I wouldn’t spend hours reading or watching Fox News like I might with MSNBC or other liberal media sources.

Consumption of Media

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