Debate Coverage

Election season is always fun, because the news commentators go crazy. Last night, during the democratic debate, I turned to twitter for funny commentary on the debate. This has long been how I coped with how ridiculous these debates can be this early in the game. Full disclosure, the people I follow, mostly comedians or comedy writers, are pretty liberal, so my general bias when watching something like a republican debate, is pretty cynical. And of course last night all the commentary was pretty positive, but after a while I found myself wanting counter-arguments. The news sources on my phone are Huff post and CNN, so I chose CNN. It still seemed to say things I liked, so I checked Fox commentators on twitter, which was a terrible choice, because I couldn’t take the opinions I was reading very seriously. I seek out liberal news sources because they align with my bias, and even when I try to be fair and look for another side, I just end up getting upset. Am I a bad consumer of news? Probably. I also rely on John Oliver most of the year, so let’s be real, I’m a pretty typical liberal-millenial consumer of news.

Debate Coverage

One thought on “Debate Coverage

  1. I can definitely relate! I was having the same issue; I wanted to find a different viewpoint of the Democratic debate but I was very defensive and annoyed when I came across anything that was too dissimilar from my own points of view. I like that question, “Am I a bad consumer of news?” Are we? Or are our outlets bad/inadequate presenters of impartial news? Are there ways to consume these stories without biases or are our biases what drive these outlets to produce partisan viewpoints? Am I a bad consumer of news or am I simply a product of my news sources? I really like your commentary because I felt the same stress and annoyances when I reviewed the debate. And I also rely on John Oliver for a majority of my news, so I wouldn’t say that particularly makes you a bad consumer of news…but then again, I suppose my own bias is present!


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