Evenly Distributed News Through Televison

Whether I am reading, browsing the web, or writing blog posts, I usually depend on my television for my news source. While my television is on almost 24/7, I rarely change the channel from public national news stations with the exception of when a football game is on. I usually rely on CNN for my main source of news however when a controversial topic comes to argument, such as the Iran Nuclear Deal, I like to browse through the channels, and sometimes use my roommate’s television to tune into Fox News, MSNBC, and other news channels to compare their views due to the concept of each news station having its own point on the left/right political spectrum.

In my opinion, I believe that the easiest way to pay attention to news is to always have it on in the background of whatever task I may be acting in. If I am in my room and doing my homework with the news on in the background, I have no control of what I am listening to. This avoids the concept of selective media consumption, which is defined as the idea of reading what you want to and only what you agree with. When you rely on television to provide you your news, it gives you the option of thinking about both the “left’s” and “right’s” side of  an argument instead of agreeing on what you want to agree with.

With news stations providing both sides of an argument, I also believe that it is the more interesting source of its counterparts. When someone is talking about a candidate of the democratic or republican party, most broadcasters are passionate and make it appealing to watch and listen to. I’d like to propose a question for my colleagues to respond to: with all these television news stations providing a different set of political values, does it avoid the idea of biased news or promote a segregation between democrats/republicans and liberals/conservatives?

Evenly Distributed News Through Televison

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